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Meet Alan Knapp

Hi, my name is Alan Knapp.

I'm retired, a widower of some years, and an internet entrepreneur.

My wife and I liked to travel and eat out in nice restaurants. We collected a lot of books. And we put too much of that on our credit cards. We needed more income. So in 2005 I started to dabble in internet marketing. I had no idea how anyone could earn any money on the internet. So I started out with a program that was, allegedly, supposed to bring in some revenue online. It didn't. I had no idea why. So I tried several other things. Well, a little money eventually did come in, but it wasn't consistent nor sustainable. Bad news. To make a long story short, my wife became ill and passed away in 2009. Maybe the Lord had that as a plan to fix the mess we had gotten ourselves into. My wife is in heaven now.

Then one day I met Vick Strizheus online. He has a reputation of rapidly becoming the top earner in any venture in which he chooses to participate. That's because he knows what he's doing, and he teaches others how to model what he does. Yes, he actually does that.

Call it fortune or call it luck - I call it a blessing. I'm glad I found my mentor Vick Strizheus. He has dedicated his life to showing others how to experience a real and lasting breakthrough in their business, their marketing, income, and life.

He has created several best-selling programs such as Internet Traffic Mastery, The FourPercent Challenge, and many others that are now responsible for creating thousands of success stories all around the world. And I share his enthusiasm about the idea of helping others succeed. It's the ultimate reward.

Be a powerful entrepreneur. My mentor also created eStage, which is the product that you are seeing right now. It's my home on the internet. And you can have one, too. Check out my ``Products`` page.

Want a million dollar education? Let me know what you think about The FourPercent Challenge.

Take Control of Your Life.

Become a Powerful ENTREPRENEUR.